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   Our company INTERNATIONAL HEAVY SPEDITION was created us branch of company URALTRUCKS. Now we gives services in sphere of transportations of heavy and oversized cargoes with mass over 100 ton. We have interest to co-operation with transport companies and logistics companies from Europe and all world. We gives customs services, freight, inland permits of Russia, insurance, projects of transportation and montage/dismantle. Also we organizes co-ordination for displacement of cargoes for sea > river, sea > railway, sea > roads, railway > roads, river > roads in Russia.
   We invite to cooperation the companies having a rolling stock by carrying capacity over 100 tons, and also cranes carrying capacity over 200 tons. Now we continues to form a database on such technics for optimization of offers of services of logistics of heavy cargoes in regions of Europe & world. It would be quite good, if you informed not only about presence of similar technics, but also on its employment by the months. Often such technics performs works which are feasible to much less powerful technics, therefore we suggest to use the given technics on its direct purpose.
   Also we need partners for organization in Russia joint-venture in sphere of heavy transportation. In now haves nice prospects of deployment this direction of heavy transportations. But buying of module systems for cargoes with mass more than 100 to require big money and this money much in a complicated way attract in Russia. We offer co-operation with transport companies and financial structures for buying and joint usage transport systems Scheuerle etc (Don't use China's equipment!!! Don't offer from China!!!) in Russia, Ukraine, Kazahstan. We haves big experience of transportations of building equipment, heavy technics and more oversized cargoes. Also our company URALTRUCKS over 10 years sells building equipment and heavy technics in Russia and republics former USSR. In wait your requests and offers. Your request or offer you can send on page "Order" or will send on our fax: +7-343-70-91939.

   More information about transportations on page "Transport".
   More information about crane's service on page "Cranes".

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